福彩快3Describe a TV program 電視節目?


回答好這個問題的關鍵在于對 TV program 的理解。首先,TV program 的范圍非常廣泛。無論是電視劇、訪談、綜藝節目還是紀錄片,都可以看作是電視節目的范疇。不要把自己的思維局限在某一種類型的節目上,然后把自己逼死。其次,根據維基百科,TV program 不僅指在電視上播放的節目,也指在互聯網上播放的節目。只要有圖片和聲音。因此,如果你現在基本上已經放棄了電視,不要擔心,只要描述一個在線節目。


福彩快3Describe a TV program

You should say:

What the TV program is

How you know it

What it is like

Why you like it

我要告訴你的節目是一部叫做《犯罪心理學》的電視劇。我第一次知道這部戲是在六年前,當時我正在瀏覽電視劇排名網站豆瓣,它被排在第一位,得分 9.5 分。我覺得這個劇肯定有它的吸引力,于是我下載了,就開始看了。

The program I am going to talk about is a TV series called criminal minds. The first time I saw it can be traced back to 6 years ago when I was browsing Douban, a TV series ranking website. This drama was at the top of the list, getting a score of 9.5 out of 10. I thought there must be something good in it. So I downloaded it and began watching.

從第一眼我就被吸引住了.與其他電視劇關注犯罪本身或尋找證據不同,它更關注罪犯的心理過程。也就是犯罪分子會因為什么樣的經歷而產生犯法的想法,又會以什么樣的刺激將想法付諸實踐。每一集都將以一起謀殺案開始,然后來自 FBI 的特工將前往犯罪現場調查并推斷罪犯的心理特征和行為模式。之后,根據這些線索進行逮捕。

福彩快3At the first sight, I was absorbed. Unlike other crime series, which focus on the crime itself and the process to discover evidence, this one concentrates on the psychological journey of the suspect. What prompts him to generate the ideas to break the law and what triggers him to put these terrible ideas into practice. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. Every episode begins with a murder. Then the agents from FBI would go to the crime scene and collect clues, based on which, they would deduct the psychological feature and behavior pattern of the criminal. Then they narrow the scope of the search and catch the bad guy.


This series probes into the dark side and contradiction of human nature, revealing that a criminal is not born to be a criminal, but cultivated to be one by the environment. That is why I like it.

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

發表于 2020-03-14


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福彩快3Describe a film or TV program that made you laugh 喜劇/搞笑電影或電視節目?




福彩快3Describe a film or TV program that made you laugh

You should say:

福彩快3What the program is

When you watched it

Who you watched it with

Why it made you laughed


福彩快3The comedy I am going to tell you is called "Hello, Mr. Billionare"。In it, a loser in life, who earned very little money and took a bribe to cheat in an amateur football match, was suddenly going to inherit a 20-billion-RMB heritage from a distant relative. But to get the money, he was required to spend 1 billion RMB in a month.

福彩快3我要告訴你的喜劇是西虹市首富。其中,一個收入微薄的生活失敗者,在業余比賽中收受賄賂打擊足球,將突然繼承一個遠房親戚的 2000 元。但是為了拿到錢,他必須在一個月內花掉 10億元。

I watched it on a Saturday last month. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. My roommate and I did not have any class that day and decided to waste ourselves. Since we got up, we had been playing our favorite game, "league of legends"。By the late afternoon, we were exhausted and I felt like that I would throw up if I played one more minute.


He proposed why not we went to the cinema and watched a film. I thought that was a good idea. We browsed all the options and found "Hello, Mr. Billionare"。 Its reviews were pretty good and got an 8.9 out of ten. We booked two tickets online and set out.

他建議我們去電影院看電影。我認為這是個好主意。我們瀏覽了所有的選擇,找到了西虹市最富有的人。它的評價很好,10 分滿分 8.9 分。我們在網上買了兩張票,直接出發了。

What made me laugh is the dramatic change in people 's attitude towards the man. They used to despise him. But after they learned about the news, they thronged to fawn upon him. His shortages suddenly became his strong points, which is quite ironic.


發表于 2020-03-14
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